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fineline ink

Fineline. From serving life, to living it.

Fineline Ink was created when I had nothing left. Nothing except my pen, paper, and imagination. However, this is where I found solace within the concrete walls and razor sharp wires that surrounded me.

As a self taught artist, I kept pushing forward day after day and year after year. My only reward was to hear how my hand-drawn cards, art and collages put a smile upon our loved ones’ faces when it reached their fingertips.

My art, my motivation, my only means of giving back is by sharing my art & designs with you and the world.

To all the fellas I left behind: Never Lose Hope.
From Pen to Ink – Est. 1995

Fineline Ink is a gallery specializing in apparel with hand-drawn artwork from Fineline & Featured Artists. Our passion is currently available for sale on apparel and headwear for gentlemen and ladies with a discerning taste in artwork and apparel. An appreciation for finer craftsmanship in their every day self expression. Our new “Day of the Dead” apparel is now available and is the first step in the new direction on Fineline Ink. We hope to feature new hand-drawn designs on a regular basis. We also currently have available our Fineline Ink Signature Series. This artwork is from featured artists Alex, James & Oz. Their Signature styles are prevalent and available on t-shirts, hoodies and ladies’ v-necks. We hope you enjoy your experience in our gallery and find some apparel and artwork to fit your everyday expression. Thank you for your patronage and appreciation of our hard work and dedication to our craft.

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